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100% Natural Catnip


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Catnip 5g bag, powdery bottled, bag 5pcs, bottled 5pcs, bag 10pcs, bottled 10pcs, bag 15pcs, bottled 15pcs, bag 20pcs, bottled 20pcs, mix 20pcs

Product Description



Recipe: Carnip

Set Type: no

Model Number: 101001

Taste: Catnip

Cat accessories: Catnip Cat Toys


100% Natural Catnip Cat Toy Care And Nurse The Stomach Digestive Tract

For Cats Clean Teeth Healthy Care Funny Cat Toy Cat Grass


Item Type:Catnip


Target Audience:Cats

Cat Size:Universal

Net WT: 5g


1. Healthy Digestive System: Catnip can care for and nourish the stomach and digestive tract of cats.

2. Rich in Nutrients: The leaves of peppermint are rich in chlorophyll, which the cat cannot synthesize itself. Therefore, the cat will eat it to obtain vitamins, which help to maintain its health.

3. Dental Health: Chewing on mint leaves can help to clean teeth, improve oral hygiene, prevent oral diseases, and maintain a fresh and pleasant smell.

4. Strong Bond with Cats: Interacting with cats using catnip can help to strengthen the bond between the owner and the cat, as well as make the cat feel comfortable, relaxed, and ease anxiety.

5. Natural and Safe: Catnip is a natural herb and does not contain any toxic substances, making it harmless and healthy for cats.

Package Included:

1 * Catnip


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