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26.8″ Cat Tree with Scratching Post & Hammock,


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Brand Name: ANGDUO


Item Type: cat trees

Material: Wood

No. of Tiers: Five Layers and Above

Type: cats


 Baza Gandia Cat Tree will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the sisal covered scratching post instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. If a nap or a place to hide is in order, the cat can cuddle up either inside the cozy tunnel or head up to the ultra soft hammock, both providing a cozy retreat. The subtle earth tones of the sisal and plush fabric also make this piece of cat furniture easy to integrate into your home décor. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. One year warranty.

  • Sisal wrapped post provides a healthy outlet for cats natural scratching instincts instead of using your furniture or carpet; durable and safe for your pet to use
  • Cats love nothing more than to up after playtime; plush coverered hammock provides maximum comfort for your furry friend to peacefully relax, lounge, or nap
  • Features a rustling tunnel making it ideal for interactive play. It encourages exercise, stimulation and appeals to your cat’s natural instinct to hunt prey
  • Product Dimensions: 15.7″ L x 23.6″ W x 26.8″ H; Easy to Assembly


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