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4-Grid Acrylic Reptile Cage


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Model Number: Pet Box

color: transparent

Specification: 4 Grids

Feeding Hole size: 2.1cm

Material: Acrylic

size: 30.5*24*29cm



Have you ever suffered because of the materials of the reptile terrarium, such as PVC which is not resistant to high temperature and has low visibility, wood which is easy to deform and has odor, and glass which is fragile and not resistant to scratches? Then take a look at our reptile terrarium! It is made of high-quality, clear, thick, wear-resistant, anti-yellowing and odorless acrylic to create a safe and comfortable space for your climbing pets.


Material: Acrylic
Fixing Ring Material: Silicone
Color: Clear
Number of Grids: 4
Shape: Rectangular
Style: Modern
Target Species: Reptiles
Load Capacity: 5-8kg/11-17.6lbs
Product Size: 24*30*28.5cm/9.4*11.8*11.2inch
Individual Opening Size: 15*14cm/5.9*5.5inch
Feeding Hole Diameter: 2.1cm/0.8inch
Individual Opening Baffle Height: 4cm/1.6inch
Thickness of Acrylic Sheet: 3.8mm
Thermometer Size: 5*3cm/2*1.2inch
Package Size: 35.5*30*6cm/14*11.8*2.4inch
Gross Weight: 2.3kg/5lbs
Net Weight: 2.15kg/4.7lbs

Key Features

Sturdy and Durable:

It is made of non-toxic, odorless, drop and explosion-proof acrylic material with good abrasion resistance, high surface hardness and gloss, and good high temperature resistance.

Good Ventilation Performance:

Its sides with multiple long ventilation holes make the interior more comfortable and breathable, reptile pets more lively, but also can reduce the probability of bacterial breeding and disease.

Easy to Observe:

The crystal-like acrylic with a light transmission rate of 92% or more, soft light and clear vision, brings 360° all-round observation of your reptile pet in order to adjust the feeding method in time.

Extreme Stability:

Thickened acrylic panels (3.8mm) and multiple silicone fixing rings ensure that it has a load bearing capacity of 11-17.6lbs and holds up to 4 climbing pets without collapsing easily.

Great Security:

The locking tab mounted on the door can be rotated to snap into the groove in the side panels to effectively prevent your crawling pets from escaping and causing unnecessary trouble. A baffle in front of the door also improves escape prevention.

Easy to Install:

Simple construction and complete accessories make it simple to install. Or you can assemble it according to the reference video.

Easy to Clean:

The smooth surface makes it simple to clean. You just need to wipe it with a rag to keep it neat.

Easy to Store&Transport:

It measures 9.4*11.8*11.2inch and weighs 4.7lbs, so it can be placed on a desktop in an office or pet store without taking up much space and is also easy to transport.


Practical Thermometer:

The thermometer monitors the temperature and humidity inside in real time in order to make timely adjustments. Being powered by coin cell batteries (included) makes it easy to remove the batteries for easy replacement when it runs out of power.

Feeding Holes:

The proper diameter (0.8inch) facilitates the passage of food, and also prevents pets from taking advantage of the opportunity to escape.

Suction Cup Handle:

The suction cup handle on each door makes it easy to open the door to feed, water and clean up droppings.

Protective Film:

The sheets come with protective film on both sides to protect them from scratches in transit as much as possible.


It is suitable for a variety of small reptile pets such as scorpions, spiders, centipedes, horned frogs, beetles, hermit crabs, geckos, snakes, etc., and can also be placed in the bedroom, corridor, living room, dining room, office, laboratory and so on.

Package Included

1*Reptile Terrarium
Other Accessories for Assembly


1. Please note that pets and landscaping shown in the pictures are not included.
2. Please forgive it for not being suitable for iguanas or other large climbing pets.
3. Please remove the protective film from the acrylic sheet before installation.
4. Please allow a slight color difference due to shooting light, and a 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, please make sure you don’t mind before ordering.


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