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Egg Shape Simulation Rock Cave


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1.Whimsical Reptile Hide: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your reptile case with this quirky, egg-shaped hide. It provides a fun and safe hideout for your pets to play and rest in. Plus, it doubles as a charming decorative piece that adds personality to your space.
2.Intimate Bonding Sanctuary: Watch your pet’s excitement as they explore, rest, and play in their very own private space. Our pet-friendly reptile hide creates a cozy sanctuary for quality bonding time. Observe your pets’ activity and expressions while adding excitement to their daily routine.
3.Wide Use: This product has a suitable size that can accommodate most reptiles, such as lizards, snakes, turtles and so on. It is also suitable for all kinds of habitats, such as desert, rainforest, or aquatic. Your reptile will enjoy hiding and resting in this cozy and comfortable hide.
4.Protection and Comfort: Your pet deserves the best, and our reptile hide is made from high-quality PP material that won’t rust, deform, or fade. Your pet will stay safe, comfortable, and happy.
5.Simple to Maintain: This reptile hide has natural colors that can harmonize with the environment of your reptile crate, making it a perfect hiding mark for your pet. It is easy to clean and maintain, as you can simply rinse it with water.
Looking for a fun and safe way to enhance the intimacy with your pet reptile? Check out our Novelty Reptile Cave made of PP material. This cave is a suitable size for most reptiles and can simply be rinsed with water for easy cleaning. Give your reptile a fun feeling with our Reptile Cave.
Name: reptile hide
Material: PP
Type: egg shell
Color: white
Size: 20x16x4.7cm (7.87×6.30×1.85 inches)
1 x reptile hide


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