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Frog Dish Holder


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Transform your reptile’s enclosure with our Frog Habitat! Made of sturdy materials, equipped with a strong suction cup, it’s perfect for your lizards and geckos where they can rest and enjoy the warmth. Easy to clean with water, it ensures a comfortable and clean environment for your pets.

Product name: frog terrarium
Product color: green
Shape: Frog
Product size: about 12.5×6.1×9.5cm/4.92×2.4×3.74 inches
Product weight: about 100g
Product material: ABS

1 x Frog Habitat

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1.Comfortable and safe frog tank: This Frog Habitat is designed to provide your amphibian friends with a space where they can rest and enjoy the warmth, featuring a perfect little sleeping and basking area that mimics their natural environment.

2.Adjustable and secure: You can easily attach this frog habitat to any smooth surface of your tank, such as tiles, glass, or acrylic, and adjust the position and height to suit your pet’s preferences and needs. The suction cup is sturdy and easy to install, ensuring that the frog tank will not slip or move.

3.Aesthetic and Durable Frog Habitat: Made of sturdy materials, this frog-shaped habitat is not only durable and reusable, but also adds a cute and charming touch to your home or garden.

4.Easy to clean: This frog habitat features drainage holes that keep the tank clean, allowing you to rinse it with water in minutes. By maintaining a sanitary environment, you can ensure the well-being of your pet frog.

5.Wide range of application: This frog habitat is suitable for frogs, toads, lizards, geckos and other small amphibians, providing them with enough room to explore, hide and play.


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