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Grass Ball Teeth Grinding Toy


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radish, acanthosphere, Grass ball, Grass ring

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Model Number: Natural Grass Rabbit Chew Toys

Material: Natural grass

Set Type: no


1. Not only are natural toys but also are bite-resistant molar tools.

2. Helping them play around their environment in a new fun way.

3. Help the small pet get rid of boredom in the cage and look for a bit of fun.

4. Keeping rabbits and other small pets healthy and active.

Name: Rabbit Chew Toys
Material: natural grass
Size: As shown in the picture

Product list:
1* Rabbit Chew Toy

1. Pure handmade, will not be exactly the same as the picture, so there are 1-2m errors.
2. Natural products will have a slight grass drop phenomenon, which belongs to the normal range.
3. If you receive a product that has deformation, you can soften it with water diffusion, and then hand press the shape. Sun-drying can be shaped.

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1.【Stimulate Interest】Rabbit Chew Toys with a carrot, prickly ball, grass ring, or grass ball shape can stimulate rabbits’ interest in playing and let them sniff, bite, and play so as to get exercise.

2.【Boost Teeth Health】Suitable for small rodents to play and gnaw, Chew Toys for Rabbits not only help them clean their teeth, but also help grind them and keep them healthy.

3.【Selected Material】Selecting from high-quality natural grass, Small Animal Chew Toys are woven by hand with natural, durable, pet-friendly features, and are suitable for pets.

4.【Simple to Carry】Since Guinea Pig Chew Toys are small and light, it is easy to carry. You can easily carry it out so that small animal can play with it at any time.

5.【Widely Used】Hamster Chew Toys are widely used. It is suitable for pet rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, fur, birds, sparrows, and other small animals.



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