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Hamster Coconut Hideout


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Brand Name: waasoscon

Material: COTTON

Model Number: Hamster Coconut Hideout

Material: natural coconut shell, cotton cushion

Size: 23*15cm/9.05*5.9in


Pet swing coconut shell nest

Bullet Points:

1.Natural Material: The hamster hideout is made of natural coconut shell, which retains the original texture of the coconut shell and is not afraid of hurting pets, making it a safe and comfortable bedroom.
2.Cozy Bed: The Coconut House provides a warm, safe, comfortable home for your pet and allows them to hide or play. Hamsters can safely climb in and out without any harm.
3.Unique Design: Suspended Hamster Coir Bed with Warming Pad. When it's cold, it can be stuffed into a coconut shell to keep the hamster warm. When the weather is hot, the pads can be removed for a cooling experience.
4.Made by Hand: The hamster coconut hideout is made by hand, which is stronger, safer, less damaged, and reusable. It is also easy to clean, just wash it with water.
5.Broad Applications: Our natural coconut shell hammock can hold many small animals such as mice, mice, gerbils, chipmunks, hamsters, and other small pets.


Material: natural coconut shell, cotton cushion

Size: 23*15cm/9.05*5.9inch


Product List:

1*Pet swing coconut shell nest



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