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Hamster Feeding Bowl


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The deeper bowl allows your pet to eat while lying down. The smooth glazed surface protects your pets while giving it an elegant look. Plus, the washable whole body ensures easy cleaning.

Name: Cute little pet food bowl
Applicable to: mice, chinchillas
Material: ABS
Product size: about 13×6.8cm/5.12×2.68 inches

Pack List:
Hamster food bowl*1

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1.Sturdy Base: The hamster food bowl features a robust foundation that ensures stability. The wide base stops even the most mischievous pets from knocking it over.

2.Less Spillage: The deeper design of this hamster food bowl prevents food from being spilled out, making it easier for your pet to eat and reducing waste.

3.Smooth and Safe: The glazed surface of this unique hamster food bowl is smooth and easy to clean, preventing cute pets from accidental injuries when eating.

4.Comfortable Eating: Our hamster food bowl with a Large Diameter of 100mm allows your pet to eat while lying down, providing a unique and comfortable feeding experience. This design unlocks a new way of eating that your pet will adore, making mealtime enjoyable and effortless.

5.Effortless Maintenance: This unique hamster food bowl is washable and can be cleaned with just a rinse, allowing you to raise your pet without any worries.


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