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Nature Wood 2in1 Cage Ladder


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length 50CM, length 40CM, length 20CM

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Brand Name: liilaimic


Model Number: Hamster Climbing Ladder

Material: Wooden

Set Type: no


Nature Wood 2in1 Cage Ladder Fence Bundle Chew Toy Climbing Ladder Bridge For Hamster Chinchilla Reptile Small Animals Supplies

Bullet Points:

1.Diverse Functions: This wooden ladder can be used as a toy or a fence for your hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other small animals. It is also suitable for reptiles and birds who like to climb and explore. The ladder is made of natural wood and is safe and durable.
2.Outstanding Craftsmanship: This hamster wooden ladder is made of natural wood, which provides a natural and healthy environment for your pet. It is harmless, odorless, and safe for your hamster to climb and play on. The ladder is also high-quality and durable and can be used to create a fun and cozy space for your furry friend.
3.Stable and Durable: This hamster wooden ladder is finely processed and sturdy, not easily broken or deformed. It can last for a long time and provide a safe and fun climbing experience for your pet.
4.Elaborate Beauty: This hamster wooden ladder is elegantly designed with soft colors to coordinate with your home style. It is simple yet beautiful and generous, giving your hamster a sense of beauty and comfort.
5.Diverse Length Options: Whether you have a small or large home space for your hamster, you can choose from multiple sizes of this wooden ladder to suit your needs. It can also be paired with decorative pet cages to create the best environment for your furry friend.
The best toy ladder for your pet bird. Made of natural wood, this ladder is durable and safe. It can be easily attached to any cage or stand. The ladder can also be deformed into different shapes to create more fun and challenge for your feathered friend. This toy ladder is selected by many bird owners who want to enrich their pet’s life.
Name: Hamster Wooden Ladder
Material: Wood
A: width about 8Cm/3.15in, total length about 20cm/7.87in
B: Width about 8Cm/3.15in, total length about 40cm/15.75in
C: Width about 8Cm/3.15in, total length about 50cm/19.69in
1* Hamster Wooden Ladder</span


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