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Pet Cat Dog Slow Food Bowl


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Product Description



Item Type: Bowls

Type: Dogs

Material: Plastic

Volume: 200g

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal


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Slow down feeding The basic dog bowl has a unique maze design that separates food and slows down the speed of pet feeding. Prevent suffocation, obesity, and bloating, improve pet digestion. Eating slowly is healthier for your dog.


Our slow feeding bowl is made of food safety, high-strength PP material, non-toxic, non hazardous, and heat-resistant. The bowl contains no BPA, PVC and Phthalic acid salts. Ensure the safe use of your pet.


The bottom of the puzzle dog bowl is equipped with anti slip pads to prevent slow food dog bowls from sliding and spilling food on the floor. This can effectively reduce damage to the floor when pets are eating, while preventing noise during eating.


Easy to clean: This slow feeder is suitable for dry or wet food. The smooth surface makes it very easy to clean and can be rinsed with water or placed in a dishwasher, which not only saves time but also keeps the bowl clean






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