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Pop-Up Magic Flying Saucer Toy


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Red, Green, Blue, Pink


No light, 6 lights

Product Description

【High quality material】

This dog toy is environmentally friendly ABS material, soft rubber material, not easy to damage.

【Strong elasticity】

Stomp ball is easy to operate, elastic, jumps extremely high, play a variety of ways, and light change.

【Two forms】

This stomp ball after pressing is a flying saucer, press the yellow circle with the palm of your hand, directly up and down to fit the suction, free to switch.

【Kinetic lighting】

This stomp ball is cool kinetic, lighting sensing, night can also be happy to play, by external force when there are colorful lights, press, and catch the ball more cool.

【A variety of colors

This stomp ball has colorful, diverse styles to meet your preference for color, red, blue, purple, green four colors corresponding to four luminous models.


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