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Portable Silicone Cat Food Sealer


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pink lid, grey lid, white can opener, grey can opener, white spoon, grey spoon, stripe can opener D, stripe can opener B, stripe can opener C, stripe can opener A

Product Description



Brand Name: None

Item Type: Bowls

Type: Dogs

Material: latex

Volume: 500g

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal


Product material:
silicone, resin


1. Take care of your nails
Insert the pointed end under the can lid tab, then gently lift up to open easily
2. The principle of leverage
Hold the pull ring and pull it gently, according to the principle of lever, it is easy and labor-saving
3. Side penetration
The side-facing design fits better on the side of the can, so as to clean up the food on the side of the can
4. The head of the spoon is a “scavenger”
Pointed tip for handling uneven bottom and top food scraps
5. Curved surface design, more fit
The head of the spoon is designed in an arc shape, which fits closely with the inner wall of the can, and can easily clean the food in the can


1. Because the English design language of the product is similar to the logo of other brands, the picture does not display the logo
2. Due to the problem of light, the color of the actual product may be different from the color shown in the picture
3. The size is measured manually, there may be an error of 1-2cm, please understand



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