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Rabbit Hay Food Dispenser


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This Guinea Pig Hay Feeder is made of selected material, ensuring durability for your small animals. The design helps reduce waste and allows it to dry completely before the next use. The feeder is easy to install with screws, making it hassle-free for you.

Product name: Rabbit hay feeder
Material: wood
Size: about 20.8*9*15cm/8.2*5.9*3.5in

Product List:
Hay Manger Rabbit*1

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1.Selected Material: Constructed with selected high-grade wood material, this rabbit hay feeder can hold hay securely without tipping over, making it the perfect addition to your bunny’s habitat.

2.Convenient to Clean: Our rabbit hay feeder features a unique design that minimizes food waste and mess. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth and dispose of unused food.

3.Multiple Used: Our small animal hay feeder is crafted with your furry friend in mind, perfectly designed for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and galesaur. Say goodbye to hay waste and hello to a tidy living space.

4. Eliminate hay waste: Eliminate hay waste with our rabbit hay feeder. Keep hay well-maintained and contained, avoiding spoilage and scattering. No more loose hay in the cage, and easy access for your bunny.

5.Quick Installation: This rabbit hay feeder has a small hole on the back for easy insertion of screws or you can attach it to the cage. You can also place it directly on the bottom of the cage.


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