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Reptile Food Dish Bowl


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This multi-functional reptile food dish provides a smooth and durable surface, with a unique upper mouth shrink design. Its transparent design permits easy monitoring of food levels, while the easy-to-install suction cup ensures stability.

Product Name: Reptile Food Bowl
Product color: transparent
Product Size:
Small size about 9x6x3.5cm/3.54×2.36×1.38 inches
Large size about 13.5×6.5×3.5cm/5.31×2.56×1.38 inches
Product weight: small size 60g, large size 100g
Product material: ABS

Pack List:
Reptile Food Bowl*1

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1.Reliable Material: Constructed from excellent ABS material, this reptile food dish assures long-term use without any wear and tear. The safe and durable design makes it ideal for hassle-free feeding, with no risk of harming your pet’s mouth.

2.Anti-Escape Design: This reptile food dish has smooth surfaces and a narrow opening that prevents mealworms from crawling out, so your pets can eat their food without any hassle.

3.Stimulate Predatory Instincts: With our transparent reptile food dish, your reptile can satisfy their natural instincts while delightful their meal. Its crystal clear shape not only adds an elegant atmosphere to your terrarium but also encourages hunting and foraging behaviors.

4.Convenient Mounting: This reptile food dish is equipped with a powerful suction cup that can be easily installed on glass or other smooth surfaces. It will not fall or move, ensuring the safety and comfort of your reptile pets.

5.General Purpose: Providing both food and water options, this reptile dish is a special feeder designed for small reptiles like geckos, centipedes, snakes, lizards, and more. Its flexible design is perfect for various pet needs.


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