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Reptile Light Habitat Basking Heat Lamp


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The heat-resistant lamp head adjusts to your desired distance, providing warmth and basking opportunities for your pet. Perfect for a wide range of pets, this adjustable heat lamp is widely used.

Product Name: Reptile Heating Lamp
Material: stainless steel+metal+ceramic
Single lamp head: 38.5 * 10 * 6cm | 15.15 * 3.93 * 2.36in
Double lamp head: 47.5 * 10.5 * 7.5cm | 18.70 * 4.13 * 2.95in
Light bulb: 5 * 4.8cm | 1.97 * 1.89in
Suitable for: reptiles, amphibians, birds, succulent plants, etc
Function: Sunshine the back to prevent calcium deficiency, heat up and keep warm
Note: 1. A 50W bulb is suitable for cylinders ≤ 80cm, while a 75W bulb is suitable for cylinders ≤ 100cm;
2. Single lamp head power cord length 150cm | 59.06in, double lamp head power cord length 100cm | 39.37in
3. Bulb joint: commonly used screw joint in household – standard E27 screw joint

Single lamp holder * 1pcs, double lamp holder * 1pcs, 50W bulb * 2pcs, 75W bulb * 1pcs

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1.Enhance Pet Health: Elevate your reptile’s wellbeing with our heat lamp that mimics natural sunlight. Enjoy optimal pet appetite and nutrient digestion for healthy growth and development.

2.Ceramic Lamp Holder: Experience enhanced safety with our reptile heat lamp featuring a ceramic lamp holder made of heat-resistant material that ensures durability.

3.Adaptable Heating: This reptile heat lamp allows you to adjust the temperature, brightness, and distance of the lamp head according to the needs of your reptiles at different times.

4.Wide Range of Uses: For reptiles such as turtles, snakes, spiders, amphibians, and birds, this heat lamp provides extra warmth and is a perfect fit for indoor plants, art studios.

5.Practical Gift: This reptile heat lamp is a perfect gift for reptile lovers who want to give their pets a cozy and healthy environment. Your friends will be moved by your thoughtful present.


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