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Running Roller Hamster Wheel


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Material: plastic

Product Material:: PVC

Product Color:: , Blue, Yellow

Product Use:: Hamster Nest

Product Diameter:: 12.5cm

Suitable For:: Hamsters


Hamster Wheel Large Pet Jogging Hamster Sports Running Wheel Hamster Cage Accessories Toys Small Animals Exercise Pet


Product Name: Hamster Running Roller

Product Material: PVC

Product Color: , Blue, Yellow

Product Diameter: 12.5cm

Suitable For: Hamsters

Product Use: Hamster Nest





1. Safe And High-quality Material, Not Easy To Damage, Easy To Clean

2. Silent Running Wheel, Quiet And Not Noisy, Will Not Bring Any Noise To Others

3. The Hamster Is More Reassuring When Running And Can Prevent Feet From Sticking During Exercise.

4. Good Support, Even If It Is A Fat Mouse, Don’t Worry

5. Moderate Size, Easy To Replace And Carry

Package Included:

1*pet Running Wheel




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