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Simulation Bird Interactive Cat Toys


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electric eagle, electric parrot, non electric toy A, non electric toy B, non electric toy C


without light music

Product Description

installation video:

Hi friend please view the following notes before purchasing

1.The battery needs to be prepared by yourself

2.Do not use a battery with too high voltage, it is easy to short circuit

3.It is made of plastic, there are seams at some interfaces, and there is a slight plastic smell when it is first opened, which is normal.

4.In order to facilitate the installation and removal of the product, there are no screws on the battery cover.

5.After the product is turned on, wings will flap,there is a little noise

6.Please paste it on the ceiling with a large space, push it manually ,and then it can rotate and fly when there is a centripetal force

7.The size of the open wings: 42*24*12cm

This product is not expensive ,is an ordinary product, not a boutique product, please do not pursue perfection.take careful yourself,thanks!

A style: is electric bird toys

B style: is not electric toy,only ordinary toy

A style toy picture show

B style toy picture show:


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