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Turtle Feeding Dish


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with drainage, no drainage

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Turtle Feeding Dish Reptile Bathing Pool With Ramp And Basking Platform Aquarium Ornament For Turtle Bearded Dragon Gecko

Bullet Points:

1.Durable and Safe: Thanks to its solid ABS material, this water dish for large reptiles is incredibly resistant to falls and high temperatures. You can rest assured that it’s tough enough to last for a long time, while still being safe for your reptile friends. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, providing a hassle-free water source.
2.Enhanced Safety: Anti-slip and Fun. This large reptile water dish features an anti-slip design that prevents pets from slipping when climbing. The ladder design also lets your pet enjoy crawling and exploring the dish.
3.Versatile and Easy to Maintain: Our large reptile water dish suits various reptiles, including turtles. Rounded edges prevent any harm, and cleaning is a breeze with just a wipe or rinse. The dish is reliable and safe, ensuring your reptile’s wellness.
4.Imitation River Landscape: Transform your reptile’s environment with this large water dish, crafted to resemble a flowing, realistic river landscape. Designed to make your balcony more interesting, this dish delivers a smart and energetic setting that your pet will love.
5.Convenient Design: Ensure your reptile stays hydrating with our large water dish- designed with an appropriate height of 5cm/1.97 inches for easy drinking and bathing. It’s easy to clean and use, allowing for hassle-free replacement of well-maintained water. Give your pet the ideal hydrating experience.

This large snake water bowl, designed in imitation river style, is resistant to falling and suitable for a variety of turtles to enjoy crawling. It’s a perfect solution to replace fresh water and provide your pets with a comfortable and safe environment.

Product name: turtle water dish
Product color: brown
Style: without drainage/with drainage
Product size: (approx.)31*25*5cm/12.2*9.84*1.97 inches
Product weight: about 100g
Product material: ABS
Packing List:
1pc * large reptile water dish


1pc * large reptile water dish
1pc * drain pipe


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