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1PCS Reptiles Breeding Box


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1PCS Reptiles Breeding Box Clear Acrylic Cage Habitat Insect Feeding Box Terrarium Tank Escape Proof With Metal Ventilation Hole

Bullet Points:

1.【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】 — Insect terrarium can be used with landscaping, heating lamps, etc. Good breathability, Strong moisture resistance. Insect Enclosure is suitable for all kinds of climbing pets, praying mantis, locusts, lizards, spiders, scorpions, horned frogs, beetles, crickets, and another insect. It is very suitable for feeding or transporting mini reptile insect.
2.【TRANSPARENT ACRYLIC MATERIAL】 — Safe, sturdy, and not deformed, you can see the behavior of your pet anytime and anywhere. It is a good choice for you.
3.【BREATHABLE AND PORTABLE】 — Many ventilation holes are good for your lovely pet growth, the bottom side without holes. Lightweight and portable, which is fit to carry outdoor.
4.【SIMPLE TO USE】 — The feeding hole on the top, the lock to open the box, easy to organize and put pets. It is convenient to use, saving time and energy.
5.【MULTIPLE SIZES ARE AVAILABLE】 — Reptile Feeding Box Breeding Container has three sizes, Small: 3.5X3.5X3.5CM; Medium: 5.2X5.2X5.2CM; Large: 6.8X6.8X6.8CM.


1. This product is an insect breeding box, made of acrylic material, safe and practical, with good texture.
2. The design is reasonable, ventilated, small and light, very suitable for breeding insect.
3. Complete configuration, safe and durable, easy to maintain and clean, and can be used for a long time.
4. This is a creative and practical insect care container.
5. This pet breeding box is light and portable and is mainly suitable for the small crawling insect.

Name: Reptile Breeding Box
Material: Acrylic
Small: 3.5X3.5X3.5CM
Matching 1*Moss carpet, 1*Rhododendron root, 1* tweezers, 1*drip tube
Medium: 5.2X5.2X5.2CM
Matching 1*Moss carpet, 1*Rhododendron root, 1* tweezers, 1*drip tube, 1*moisturizing water pipe
Large size: 6.8X6.8X6.8CM
Matching 1*Moss carpet, 1*Rhododendron root, 1* tweezers, 1*dropper, 1*moisturizing water pipe, 1*ceramic water basin
Warehouse reinforced pearl cotton packaging

Product List:
Small size: 3.5X3.5X3.5CM
Matching 1 * Moss carpet, 1 * cuckoo root, 1 * tweezers, 1 * drip tube
Matching 1*Moss carpet, 1*Cuckoo root, 1* tweezers, 1*Drip tube, 1*Watering tube
Large: 6.8X6.8X6.8CM
Matching 1*Moss carpet, 1*Cuckoo root, 1* tweezers, 1*drip tube, 1*moisture filling tube, 1*ceramic water basin</span


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