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Aquarium Tank Wood Tree Root


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S 10 15CM, M 15 20CM, L 20 25CM

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United States

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Driftwood Decor

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1.PH Adjustment: This driftwood resembles imitation sunken wood that enhances the realism and beauty of your aquarium. It can aid in adjusting the pH of the water, especially in acidic waters, and give a refuge for your fish.

2.Natural and Beautiful: This aquarium driftwood looks like the real ones, bringing a natural and beautiful touch to your fish tank. It has a different shape and texture that enhance the aquarium's beauty.
3.Natural Habitat Shelter: Your shrimp and ornamental fish will love this aquarium driftwood, which enhances the beauty and realism of their habitat. It also provides them a cozy and secure refuge to rest and hide.
4.Beneficial Purification: Aquarium driftwood not only enhances the beauty of your tank, but also helps purify the water by releasing tannins and lowering the pH. It also improves the circulation of water and oxygen, creating a healthy environment for your fish and plants.
5.Improve Aquarium's Aesthetics: Our driftwood is medium-sized and greener than other products, giving your fish tank a natural and beautiful appearance. It also helps aquatic plants to adhere to it, increasing the sense of ecology and variety in your aquarium.




S: about 10-15cm/3.94-5.91inch
M: about 15-20cm/5.91-7.87inch
L: about 20-25cm/7.87-9.84inch
S: about 20-40g
M: about 40-50g
L: about 80-160g
Material: wood

Packing List:

1*Driftwood Decor



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