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Hamster Running Wheels


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With a wide running track and wider base, it ensures your hamster won’t slip while running.

Product name: Hamster wheel
Product color: Light blue/pinkcolor/white
Product size: (approx.)18*12cm/7.09*4.72 inches
Product weight: about 130g
Material: PP

Packing List:
1pc*Hamsters wheel

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1.Easy to Observe Hamsters: Our Hamster Wheels offer a clear view of your furry friends in action, thanks to its transparent design. Made of durable and easy-to-clean PP material, it also adds a fashionable and simple touch to your pet’s habitat.

2.Enhanced Comfort: Hamsters Wheels boasts ultra-quiet bearings for a silent workout. Enjoy a peaceful night’s rest while your pet stays active. No more disruptive noise to affect your valuable sleep.

3.Improve Exercise Efficiency: Maximize your hamsters’ workout with our non-slip exercise wheel. The friction-boosting design effectively prevents slipping and creates a safe and comfortable running surfaces.

4.Healthy Hamster Activity: A spinning wheel with a 7-inch diameter, ideal for most hamsters, and a wide track allows for an unobstructed movement that enables your furry friend to exercise without any limitations.

5.Strong Support for Your Hamster’s Exercise: With its stable base and wider platform, our hamster wheel ensures a safe and comfortable running experience for your furry friend.


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