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Hamster Running Spinner Wheel


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Pink 14cm, blue 14cm

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United States

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1.Reliable Material: The Hamster Wheel is durable and safe because it is made from high-grade PC material. Non-slip, stable, and has a round edge. Makes it safer for pets to use.
2.Super Silent Design: The wheels can rotate smoothly with a ball bearings design. Even when your hamster is running on the track of Hamster Toys, you will not be disturbed by any noise.
3.Easy to Install: You can easily install this Silent Hamster Wheel on the side of the hamster cage. The buckle design makes it can be securely mounted.
4.Novel Design: Features a circular arc design. these Hamster Accessories are visually spacious and bright. Allows you to easily watch your hamster play.

5.Broad Application: Perfect for dwarf hamsters, degus, gerbils, and other small animals. This Hamster Wheel Silent can make them enjoy endless running time!





This hamster running wheel is made of high-quality material, which is durable and safe.
With a circular arc design, it is visually spacious and bright, allowing you to easily watch your pets while playing.
Suitable for small rodents such as dwarf hamsters, degu, and gerbil.


Name: Hamster Wheel
material: PC
Color: blue/pink
Size: Diameter 14cm/5.51inch Thickness 7cm/2.76inch

Packing List:
1*silent hamster wheel


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