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PopBloom WiFi LED Aquarium Light


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1 WiFi Hanging Lamp, 1 WiFi Mounting Lamp, 2 WiFi Hanging Lamp, 2 WiFi Mounting Lamp, 3 WiFi Hanging Lamp, 3 WiFi Mounting Lamp, 4 WiFi Hanging Lamp, 4 WiFi Mounting Lamp

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RL90 WiFi Reef Light


Smart. Safe. Efficient.

1. RL90 WiFi is PopBloom Newest & Most popular lights, equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows total control via “Smart Life” Smart APP.

2. RL90 WiFi light is the result of years of research into the lighting needs of SPS/LPS corals.





Smart Life wifi app

All lights would begroup controlled by WiFi APP (Android & Ios support)

Remotely controlled by WiFi/Smart APP (Android/iOS support, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network)

Natural Simulation:  sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moon light, random clouds and even an acclimation program for new installations.






RL90 WiFi light output for optimal coral growth and coloration

Homogenous light with a gentle shimmer

Reef safe Four-channel color setting plus dedicated moonlights

“Smart Life” app for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications

Anti-glare recessed lens

Reef safe PAR distribution

RL90 WiFi light is Reef safe as it provides ideal PAR values throughout the aquarium, without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth. The PAR distribution map shows the actual PAR levels as they vary throughout the cross-section of the aquarium.


RL90 WiFi Programs | PAR vs. PUR

Using PAR measurements only to determine light quality or compatibility of a specific light unit for coral photobiology can be misleading. The PAR measurement was developed to measure the Photosynthetic Active Radiation of plants that is within the visible light region (400 -700 nm).

The Photosynthetic Utilized Radiation or PUR that is relevant for optimal Zooxanthellae photosynthesis is between 360- 480 nm which starts outside the range of visible light (measured by PAR meters) in the UV region and continues into the blue part of the visible light range.

The 8000K White of the RL90 WiFi has a strong blue peak in the PUR spectrum as well as wavelengths across the whole visible light spectrum and therefore has a PUR of 45% of its PAR.

The actual PUR output of the RL90 WiFi will vary according to the combined settings of the Reef Specification Blue and White channels.


Recommended usage by tank size

Maxium water depth: 80cm/30″



Mounting options & accessories

Arm Mounting Kit (Optional)

For the arm mounting way, we will send both the small and big bases (2cm & 4cm base), which would be suitable for all type of tanks (Rimless, Rimmed, Horizonal…).


Hanging Kit

RL90 hanging kit enable individual units to be suspended above an aquarium


Package Listing

1 WiFi Hanging Lamp


1 WiFi Mounting Lamp


2 WiFi Hanging Lamp


2 WiFi Mounting Lamp


3 WiFi Hanging Lamp


3 WiFi Mounting Lamp


4 WiFi Hanging Lamp


4 WiFi Mounting Lamp





















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