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Reptile UVB 5.0 10.0 Lamp Bulb


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5.0, 10.0

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United States

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Model Number: EQ00692

Power Source: CHARGE

Light Night Lamp: UVB Lamp

lamp uva uvb: Calcium Supplement Light Bulb

5.0 uva: 26W E27

lantern white: Heating For Turtles Lizards And Snakes

for reptile lizard: 13W E27



– Brand new and high quality.
– High UVB output, rated at 13W.
– Compact energy saving lamp, built-in ballast.
– Suitable for all tropical and subtropical reptiles.
– Provide the necessary UVB rays to obtain the best calcium metabolism.
– Stimulate the reproduction of reptiles and amphibians.

The product can completely replace the sunlight

Uvb5.0 is suitable for reptiles from tropical forests and subtropical regions.
Uvb10.0 is suitable for reptiles from tropical desert areas.

Product Specifications:

Color: white
UVB output: 5.0, 10.0
Power: 13W
Voltage: 220V
Type: E27
Size: about 130 * 55mm / 5.12*2.17 in

Packing list:

1 x bulb for reptiles


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